How Do I Start?


As easy as 1-2-3…



-    Get some boxes and Trash bags . 
-    Mark boxes with ' WASTE2WEALTH' (W2W) and 'WASTE2LOVE' (W2L)'
-    Trash bags for later.



Check and examine all your items. Try it on or not, you know better. Separate them as follows:

Waste2WEALTH (W2W)
Anything that can turn into MONEY – items still in very good condition, unused or used once or twice. Make sure you shoot some photos so you have records!

Waste2LOVE (W2L)
Anything that you want to GIVE AWAY TO CHARITY – items that you have worn a number of times but are still in good conditions, items that don’t fit you anymore, a few similar items - eg. 10 black tank tops, items that are out of fashion or you simply don’t like them any longer.  

Trash Bags
For those items that are ripped, stained, or too worn out to even give away, toss them in the trash bags.



Email W2W photos to [email protected]W2L photos to [email protected] for evaluation.  Or call PWETTY HELPER (012.279.9718 Datin Rose; 012.281.7168 Syieda) for complimentary house call service.